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How much of the invoice is left in the hands of the light entrepreneur

How much is left in the hand?

The "How much is left in your hand" calculator tells you how much you will receive in your account for the amount you have invoiced. See how much you have left in your hand after taxes and other fees to spend on living.

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Money can and should be talked about

How much is left in the hand? Light entrepreneurship is interesting, but the costs make you wonder. You may not be on the map of how much of the salary earned as a light entrepreneur would remain in your hand after taxes and other statutory payments. For us at Truster, payments aren't meant to be a mystery. We want to be transparent and open, and we want to promote clear talk about money in general. That's why we have a lot of information and a selection of handy counters on our website.

Enough pay to live on

When it comes to pay, you shouldn't proceed according to your mood. As a light entrepreneur, it is also a good idea to find out in advance how much of your invoicing will remain in your hand. This will ensure that you have enough money to live on and do other necessary things. If, when using the calculator, you find that the amount left in your hand from a certain invoice amount would not be enough for your everyday expenses, you may still want to consider a job offer – or prepare to take on other jobs for the same month. Planning and anticipation always pays off!

How to use the calculator

Have you agreed with your client how much you can invoice for the work you do? Drag the bars on the counter to specify the invoice amount and your tax rate. Check the YEL and VAT boxes if they apply to you. Also check if you want a paycheck faster in your account. The calculator calculates how much you will receive in your account after deducting all expenses from the total amount of the invoice you have sent. Now you have clear numbers on the basis of which you can plan your finances and set clear goals. What do you dream of? As a light entrepreneur, you can try out even wild ideas with low risk.


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