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Business name entrepreneur,
it's time to get Pro.

The bureaucracy of a sole proprietorship makes you wonder? When you're considering setting up a business name, a better plan than Truster Pro It's hard for you to find. Entrepreneurship is easier than you thought.

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Easy to become a business name entrepreneur

A sole proprietorship is spinning papers and fighting with a tax bear? Not necessarily. Entrepreneurship does not have to be a constant process of solving administrative riddles. Once you've decided to become an entrepreneur, Truster makes it easy to get started. With Truster, you can easily run a business name with a fixed monthly price of 89 €. Do the work you really want to do and leave the rest of the work to us.

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Truster enables easy business name entrepreneurship

Do what you love

Entrepreneurship is interesting, bureaucracy is not? If you don't already have a business name, we'll set it up for you. We take care of the accounting and taxation of your business name with a fixed monthly price of 89 €, and you get everything you need as a business name entrepreneur. Invoice your customers in Truster's apps and save receipts as files or take pictures of them. That's all you have to do!

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The best choice for a business name entrepreneur is Truster's fixed-price service

What is included in the monthly price?

Truster PRO service package allows you to become a sole proprietor without worrying about bureaucracy. You will receive everything that is required for statutory sole proprietorship, i.e. a one-time accounting and annual tax return in accordance with the requirements. If you use a traditional accountant, you may have to pay hundreds of euros for the same service. Could you think of a better use for the money?

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Taxes, VAT, bureaucracy?

Don't worry, we've got the job done. We take care of tax returns and VAT-related matters on your behalf. If you work as an entrepreneur only on a small scale and your turnover is less than 30,000 €, we will also take care of applying for the VAT lower limit reduction. You will then receive back some of the taxes you paid. Our experts make sure that everything is done correctly.

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Taxes, VAT and everything else you need

Everything is done online

We don't have much physical papers anymore, and you don't need to be a sole proprietor either. We make entrepreneurship as easy for you as possible. Send and receive as many invoices as you want at a fixed monthly rate in Truster's app. All invoices go to your customers digitally, and you also forward receipts to us smoothly through the app. 

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Online you can take care of everything you need

How do you benefit from this service?

You do not need to sort out matters related to accounting or taxation. We take care of all the obligations of a sole proprietorship on your behalf. Since the monthly price is always the same, there will be no surprises in your expenses, at least as far as bureaucracy is concerned. Everyday life becomes easier, and time and space are freed up for actual entrepreneurship. Focus on developing your services, increase sales, and perform better than you expected.

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Truster Pro for sole proprietorships

With Truster, you can:

Entrepreneurship without bureaucracy
Try entrepreneurship without stressful bureaucracy
Become an entrepreneur, without boring tasks
Become an entrepreneur and leave boring tasks to us
Forget about stacks of papers and enjoy Truster's app
Forget about stacks of paper and enjoy the fact that everything works digitally
Focus on the work you love
Focus on the work that led you to become an entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions
business name entrepreneurship