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Invoicing service opens up opportunities for light entrepreneurs

The invoicing service frees up the light entrepreneur to focus on what is most important. You get peace of mind from bureaucracy and the opportunity to act like an entrepreneur, without your own company. For the entrepreneur, the invoicing service brings nice flexibility to cash flow and reduces time-consuming routine work.

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The invoicing service is for light entrepreneurs
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We help entrepreneurs succeed

An expert was found for the project? Ask him to invoice his work through Truster. We also provide you with flexibility in your expenses, for example, when the euros are still with your client, but the wages must be paid. What if we took care of your company's invoicing and you could focus on productive work yourself?

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We are the entrepreneur's best friend

Fixed monthly price of 49 €

Truster 49 €/month includes everything you need to send an invoice and raise your salary. There will be no other expenses! You can stop using the billing service at any time.

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With a fixed price of 49 €/month, a light entrepreneur saves money

How the invoicing service works

Using the billing service is easy. It does not require you to start a business. Register as a Truster user, get a customer, work as agreed and make an invoice in the mobile application. You're done!

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How it works Truster Invoicing service

Salary to the account even immediately

Once your customer has paid the invoice, you can withdraw the salary to your account. We take care of the obligations on your behalf. If you need a paycheck as soon as you send the invoice, you can do so with the Instant Pay request.

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Through us, you can get the salary to the account on the same day

Billing always in your pocket

In Truster's user-friendly mobile app, billing is always where you are. Invoice immediately on the road when the work is finished, and take time off.

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With Truster's app, you can easily invoice your work

Fair domestic invoicing service

Truster is a Finnish invoicing service for light entrepreneurs, which we dare to claim as the most affordable and versatile in our field.

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Truster is a Finnish fair invoicing service for light entrepreneurs
Don't just take our word for it

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Easy as haymaking

How to get started

What job would you like to do? If you know how to do something well and entrepreneurial thinking is close to your heart, you can start working right away. Agree on work, get things done and invoice your customer through Truster's invoicing service. Soon you will receive your salary in your account, and you will not have to spin a single piece of paper. Not even digital. Easy and fun!

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Rejoice in the results of your work

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