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Truster as a workplace

What is it like to work at Truster? What are your benefits as a Trustee? What do we value? Answer these and other questions from our careers page. Read more below.

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Why would you come to work for Truster

Our employees like to come to work for us

It's genuinely fun to come to work at Truster.

We want to be the best workplace where everyday life is smooth and where we also take care of your development.

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Elmeri Kinnunen's feedback on working at Truster
Employee experiences from Truster

Why did Elmeri come and stay with us?

Everyone has their own reasons, here's Elmer's... Truster has a relaxed atmosphere!

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I have been working in the Truster team for a month. From the very first day I entered the office I have been received with a lot of heart. I've gotten to be just the way I am. The atmosphere in the workplace exudes openness. In this company, we make sure that everyone is comfortable coming to work. And it is excellently realized. The great atmosphere affects so many things and it was also a priority for me when looking for a job. Applying for this job was definitely one of the best decisions. It's an honor to be part of a growing company and see what we can achieve together!

Nea Muikku • Marketing Trainee 💙
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Top benefits

What we offer you

Home first

🍬 Unlimited treats...

Watch our TikTok demonstration video on Truster. We offer: breakfast, snacks, chocolate bars, biscuits and refreshments.

Truster's Delicatessen Cabinet TikTok

in addition, all these

Incentive reward program
Incentive reward program
Choose your tools
Work gloves in order
Vacation whenever you want
Full holiday entitlement
Develop yourself
Opportunity to develop
Work from almost anywhere you want
Remote work opportunity
There's no day when Truster isn't laughed at
Best colleagues
Everything truster has in the same team
No hierarchy
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