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Why does a light entrepreneur need to take out YEL insurance? How do I benefit from YEL insurance? Read the main points about the pension and social security of light entrepreneurs, and try our handy calculators.

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Truster get the job done - don't stress about YEL insurance

Don't stress about YEL insurance. Truster care

Truster takes care of everything related to YEL insurance. Don't stress about paying bills. We pay it directly from your salary. No stupid percentage deductions - but the sum of the YEL bill that came to its cent.

YEL insurance -22% discount

-22% discount for new light entrepreneurs

When you take out YEL insurance as a light entrepreneur for the first time, you are entitled to a 22% discount on the price of the insurance for the first four years

A calendar that tells you when to take out YEL insurance

When to take out YEL insurance
need to take?

You are aged 18-68
You are a light entrepreneur for at least four months continuously
You earn at least €9 010.28 per year (in 2024)
You live in Finland

It's easy to get YEl

How do I get self-employed person's pension insurance?

Through Truster, obtaining YEL insurance has been made incredibly easy. Through the form , you can submit an application to Elo. If your insurance is currently with another company, you do not need to separately notify about the exchange. All information automatically flows between pension insurance companies.

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