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How much do I need to invoice, what fees are coming in and how much is left in my hand? Truster's easy-to-use calculators instantly tell you the right amounts and help you with the pricing of your services. Try!

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YEL calculator for light entrepreneurs

YEL calculator

Check what kind of YEL insurance contributions you would pay and how much daily allowance you would receive in different situations. Assess your income from work carefully, because YEL insurance takes care of your social security.

Calculate the amount of your YEL contribution >

Salary calculator

The salary calculator is a diamond tool when you think about the pricing of your work. The payroll calculator tells you how much you need to invoice to get the amount you want in your account.

Calculate the amount of your salary ->
Salary calculator for light entrepreneurs
How much is left over from the invoice to the hand counter

From invoice to hand

This calculator tells you how much you'll get paid for the amount you've invoiced. See how much money you have left in your hand after taxes and other fees.

Calculate the amount left in your hand from the invoice ->

VAT Calculator

The VAT calculator helps when you're fiddling with and out of VAT-exempt prices. The VAT calculator calculates the tax-free and taxable price, as well as the amount of VAT.

Calculate VAT Amount >
VAT Calculator
Service fee calculator for light entrepreneurs

Service fee

Calculate how much Truster 49 €/month is cheaper for you than Truster Light. You will receive an amount more than the amount shown in the calculator in your account.

Calculate the amount of the service fee >
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