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A trendsetter in light entrepreneurship

Truster is a fair Finnish invoicing service for light entrepreneurs, which creates opportunities for light entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. Would you like to help skilled workers succeed, among the trendsetters in the industry?

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What the heck Truster?

25 000


€125 million


80 000




It is possible

Light entrepreneurship is for all of us! Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity and freedom to do the work they want, anytime, anywhere. In our opinion, it should be possible to invoice the work done easily and cheaply without having to own a company, and the salary should be accurately accounted for. At its best, light entrepreneurship frees up time and energy to make dreams come true.

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Truster makes light entrepreneurship easy and possible

This is how we think and act

We are a hungry contender, and we want to be the best in our industry. At the same time, it is important to us that our experts feel good, that the work is comfortable and that our team enjoys working together. Customer-oriented thinking, an open attitude towards new things and courage drive us forward within the work community, in customer work and in business development.


What do we play by?

Truster has equal career prospects

Equal career prospects

No matter what kind of person you are, as a skilled expert, you are welcome to work with us, on an equal and equal footing. We want to help people find employment and pursue their dreams. With the same set of values, we also serve our customers.

Truster makes decisions with the environment in mind

We make sustainable decisions

What impact do our operations have on the climate and people's well-being? When we are about to make a decision, we weigh up whether it is an environmentally and ethically sustainable solution. The carbon footprint of our product development is fully compensated.

We work hard for growth

Hungry riser

Our relaxed atmosphere does not exclude purposeful work and a thoughtful strategy. We develop our services systematically and on a long-term basis. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best customer experience in the industry.

Truster works as a team and works together

Get **it done

Many have big speeches and big plans. In the end, it is only actions that count. Our values are based on careful planning, confident work and steady growth. We do not leave things halfway, but we do them together until they are ready.


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Questions about light entrepreneurship? We will be happy to help you!

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