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Billing instructions

Browse and implement the invoicing policies in Truster's invoicing guidelines to ensure smooth collaboration.

Invoice payment term

The payment term of the invoice must be at least 11 days net.

The agreed payment period will not start to run until the invoice has been delivered to the correct billing address.

Information required for invoices

Each invoice sent to Truster must include the subscriber's details. Invoices must also always be addressed to the correct company and sent to the correct billing address.

Invoices sent to the wrong company are not registered, but are automatically deleted and claimed.

Online billing

We primarily accept e-invoices.

Paper invoices

Paper invoices are scanned centrally and distributed electronically.

Please note that sending non-billing material to these addresses is prohibited.

Invoices sent by e-mail

Invoices can also be sent in PDF format to company-specific email addresses. Only PDF invoices can be sent to email addresses. One PDF file may contain only one invoice at a time. The attachments to the invoice must be in the same file as the invoice.

Paper mail

Postal address P.O. Box 313, 00101 Helsinki. Invoices may not be sent to this address.

Billing information: