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Invoicing service for light entrepreneurs Truster offers everything that a light entrepreneur can wish for. Invoice without your own business and succeed, without the bureaucracy of entrepreneurship. Do the work you want and enjoy freedom. We'll take care of the rest.

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The most affordable billing service.

By billing

Truster Light

3.99% of billing
Do you only work as a light entrepreneur occasionally? Billing-based pricing suits you. You only pay a 3.99% service fee when you send an invoice through Truster.
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Fixed price


49 € per month
Regular income as a light entrepreneur? This package is for you. We charge a fixed monthly fee of 49 € every 30 days directly from your payment card. What more can a light entrepreneur wish for?
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Light entrepreneurship

What is the invoicing service for light entrepreneurs?

Choose the right plan

With us, the pricing of the invoicing service for light entrepreneurs has been made as clear as possible. We dare to claim that we are the most affordable operator in our industry – and we offer the same delicacies as our competitors. In our opinion, there should be room for manoeuvre in pricing for different life situations. Many people have liked Truster's fixed monthly price of 49 €, but you can choose which plan suits you best.

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Light entrepreneur chooses a service package in Truster's app

Invoice easily in apps

Invoice the work you do in the Truster mobile app, wherever you are, and take time off. After that, you can forget about the whole thing, and soon you will receive a salary in your account. Using the invoicing service for a light entrepreneur is just as easy as it sounds, and it does not bind you to anything. While you are thinking about starting a business name, for example, as a light entrepreneur, do a job that you enjoy, and invoice the work with a few touches.

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Features of Truster's light entrepreneur app

Save money with Truster

Regular income as a light entrepreneur? Save money with Truster's fixed-price plan. We charge a fixed monthly fee of 49 € every 30 days directly from your payment card. What more can a light entrepreneur wish for?

Truster 49€ feature icon
No hidden costs
Truster 49€ feature icon
The most affordable in the industry
Truster 49€ feature icon
No commitment
Truster 49€ feature icon
Sis. Insurance
Truster 49€ feature icon
Bill as much as you want
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Truster's fixed package for light entrepreneurs
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What the heck Truster?


18 000
€125 million
80 000


Truster is a fair Finnish invoicing service for light entrepreneurs that will help you live exactly as you want to live. We dare to claim ourselves the most advantageous in our field. The most affordable is also very good. We offer freedom, carefreeness and opportunities to make dreams come true. With our help, you can do what you want, where you want, and invoice your work easily without having to own a company.

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