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Olga Trifonova - For the love of the species

Could you win a talent competition, succeed in international competitions or run workshops around the world before the age of twenty? Truster light entrepreneur Olga Trifonova has managed to achieve all these and more, despite her young age.

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Rauni Vesterinen - Becoming a tour guide from the cold, but work teaches

‍Would you jump at the chance to work in a sector where you have no experience or training? Many might hesitate to take the opportunity, but for Raun the answer was clear. In the 70s, Rauni took the plunge and went to work as a tourist guide in a town called Albena, Bulgaria. As a tour guide, he spent one season in Bulgaria from June to September.

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Anssi Ennevaara - Life of a serial entrepreneur

A long and varied work history has brought a wide range of knowledge and skills to Truster's light entrepreneur Anssi Ennevaara. Anssi has been an entrepreneur for 35 years and has been a light entrepreneur for 5 of those years.

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Asako Hashimoto - Balanced and harmonious yard design

Japan is home to several city buildings, such as a school, a hospital, and a city hall, which are: Truster by light entrepreneur Asako Hashimoto. He has also been involved in the design of the 2013 housing fair area and his work "Mihana-En" was awarded as the environmental structure of the year 2014. 

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Aden Abdirizak - Courier work allows freedom

Looking for opportunities from London to Helsinki. Ade, who works as a food courier, now enjoys the freedom of light entrepreneurship to decide on his own work matters.

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Catharina Lind - Time to do more

How to work alongside studies? Light entrepreneurship was a clear answer to Catharina Lind. Now she enjoys a balanced life with business cleaning and bachelor's studies.

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