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Catharina Lind - Time to do more


Truster's light entrepreneur stories highlight real-life examples of light entrepreneurship. Our stories are going to prove that career stories don't just exist for one start. Jump into the depths of stories and be inspired by other people's career choices. Maybe you will be our next light entrepreneur! 

27-year-old Catharina Lind will be the first to arrive. We got to see Catharina at work at Identio's Helsinki office. Catharina told us some interesting facts and the reason why she tried light entrepreneurship.

How to work alongside studies? Light entrepreneurship was a clear answer to Catharina Lind. Now she enjoys a balanced life with business cleaning and bachelor's studies.

Catharina from Helsinki combines light entrepreneurship and her blended studies in an uncomplicated way. Catharina is currently studying to become a sociologist and at the same time dreams of a dream job as a psychologist. In her free time, Catharina spends time in the gym and trail running. 

Catharina's first contact with the world of work at the age of 15 was in her mother's company. Since then, Catharina has been in working life and her work history includes extensive tasks and roles, from bartender to store manager. Catharina has also worked for 3 years in Brighton, England with American Express. Today, he does business cleanings as a light entrepreneur at Truster.

Blended studies include online and contact teaching. As a student, combining work and studies is challenging in many places. The main thing is to find a balance and also make time for relaxation. The golden mean to this was light entrepreneurship. Catharina found light entrepreneurship a great way to earn money alongside blended studies.

"The need for more roads led me to light entrepreneurship. Light entrepreneurship was a clear choice because of its flexibility and low start-up threshold. " 

Catharina started light entrepreneurship from May 2022 and the journey continues. Light entrepreneurship has enabled her to have a good standard of living as a full-time blended student. As a light entrepreneur at Truster, Catharina has been pleased with the low costs. 

Light entrepreneurship is a low-threshold option. As a light entrepreneur, certain character traits are great strengths. Catharina listed three character traits that have served as her strengths as a light entrepreneur. The three character traits are resilience, cheerfulness and energy. And we agree on that. Catharina is excellently able to work alongside her studies and that already says a lot. His energy has been the driving force that has taken him a long way and will continue to do so in the future. 

Catharina would like to give a tip to a budding light entrepreneur: 

In my opinion, the joy of life is one of the most important qualities that a service entrepreneur can have. This issue is rarely brought up as a clear factor for success. In addition, if you are determined and reliable then you are a perfect fit to be a light entrepreneur.

Catharina thinks that life should be enjoyed in order to keep work to your liking. That's what light entrepreneurship is; pleasant things to do. 

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