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Aden Abdirizak - Courier work allows freedom


Looking for opportunities from London to Helsinki. Ade, who works as a food courier, now enjoys the freedom of light entrepreneurship to decide on his own work matters.

Aden Abdirizak is an excellent example of the fact that there is not just one path in the world of work. Originally from Somalia, Aden moved to England at school age. He grew up in the bustle of a big city, London, and later studied hotel and catering there.

Aden has worked in many different restaurants until one day he had the idea to move to Finland. Aden's relatives were already living in Finland and a calmer lifestyle eventually enticed him to move to Helsinki in 2019. On top of that, the change of scenery and smaller population gave Aden the courage to try something new. 

Aden tried his wings as a food ambassador and that's the path he's still on. At the same time, he seized the opportunity to become a light entrepreneur. As Wolt's food courier, Aden has been able to enjoy working outdoors and decide on his own working hours. 

"I like being able to enjoy the outdoors and meet people during my working day. On top of that, you get to be your own boss and work whenever you want, that's important to me." 

Aden's main reason for starting light entrepreneurship was its ease and flexibility. At the same time, he was fascinated by the fact that he had full power to decide on his own work matters, such as where and when to work. 

The coronavirus pandemic was challenging for many industries and companies. For Aden, it was the other way around. Due to corona, food shipments exploded, and Aden and other food ambassadors had plenty of work to do. He really enjoyed that time, and it had been particularly memorable in his three-year career as a food ambassador. Another uplifting thing has been when she has earned 150 € in one day with her cheerful customer service.

There haven't been any entrepreneurs in his immediate family, but Aden is glad he decided to try entrepreneurship. Light entrepreneurship was therefore an easy solution, as Truster has taken care of everything necessary. 

"Truster has the best customer service and they are helpful, approachable, but at the same time professional. "

Light entrepreneurship has played a big role in Aden's everyday life. Nowadays, he gets to decide on his own everyday life. With the money he has earned, he has also bought a house in Turkey and invested in his native Somalia. The work of an ambassador is not always easy and requires a lot of energy. Aden said his biggest source of energy is customers. 

"Thanks to light entrepreneurship, I have gained the freedom to travel and the opportunity to help my own country, Somalia. "

 Aden wants to encourage other light entrepreneurs or those interested in it to try light entrepreneurship boldly. With the help of light entrepreneurship, you can potentially get more free time for the things you enjoy the most.

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