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Olga Trifonova - For the love of the species


Could you win a talent competition, succeed in international competitions or run workshops around the world before the age of twenty?

Truster's light entrepreneur Olga Trifonova has managed to achieve all this and more despite her young age. It all started with her aunt's enthusiasm to try new sports, such as pole dancing. Although Olga was not athletic as a child and preferred to spend her time at home, pole dancing took her with it. 

From passion to profession

When you're talented enough at something to make money and travel the world. A hobby started as a child has brought great opportunities for Olga, a light entrepreneur from Truster. Olga started pole dancing at the age of 8, inspired by her aunt, and has been doing it for twelve years. 

Olga's first contact with coaching was at the age of 12, when she started teaching her friends different skills. At first, the hardest part was learning to describe the skills, not just show her how to do them. Competing in international competitions gave Olga many contacts and opportunities for the future. Olga's great success in competitions attracted pole dance communities to invite Olga to lead workshops. Olga jumped at the opportunity without hesitation. During the workshops Olga realised that this is what she really loves to do; to coach and meet new people from all over the world.

Olga has travelled the world sharing her teachings. Workshops last from a weekend to a month, depending on the location. For example, before the corona, Olga was due to attend a two-month workshop in Switzerland, but the corona stretched the trip to six months. During the pandemic, online coaching came into the picture and is still growing in popularity. 

In 2021, Olga was invited to Finland to coach for a longer period and she is still on this path. Settling down is a nice change for Olga, as a coach she has time to see her students develop and grow.

‍A billing servicecan be found around every corner

There are several billing service companies to choose from. The services differ in pricing as well as in what they offer. Billing services are generally not binding on the light entrepreneur and it is therefore easy for the light entrepreneur to try out different billing services and find the one that suits him best. Olga was already familiar with light entrepreneurship, but finding a suitable invoicing service for herself was a search. 

Truster's offices are located in the right venues near the Kampi shopping centre. The right place and time worked for Olga, as she walked past the Truster office with a friend and his friend was able to recommend the service to Olga. That's where Olga's story at Truster started and now she is sharing her own story in Truster's light entrepreneur stories. Inspiring, isn't it? 

Balancing BMX cycling 

Although a lot of time is spent on pole dancing, there is also time for other sports. Olga's latest venture is BMX cycling. It requires quick reactions and balancing skills. Besides BMX, Olga spends a lot of time dancing. In fact, anything to do with movement or sport inspires Olga. Being outdoors and spending time with friends is also important to her.

Social media has been an important tool for Olga in recent years. Social media has made it possible to market coaching sessions and share our own skill videos. Olga decided to invest more in social media when she came to Finland. The content of the account is mainly skill videos, which Olga wants to inspire others with.

Social media also puts pressure on him to look professional. The pressure has come from pole dancing and the expectations of others. As a result, learning a new skill and filming it takes time, as Olga wants to publish the skill for others to see only when she is very good at it. 

Social media is also a place where Olga experiences a sense of community among pole dancers and it is heartwarming. Social media has also allowed her to connect with friends from all over the world. 

Don't care what others think, do what you love

We asked Olga about her plans for the future and she laughed and said she was bad at planning the future.

"I want to do this as long as the seats last. My coaching colleague Oona Kivelä, who is a multiple world champion and a great coach is still doing this and she's 40 years old." 

Olga plans to continue dancing and coaching as long as the positions last. Of course, there have been many doubters about his career. They think Olga should not reserve his future for pole dancing, what if he gets injured and can't dance anymore? The doubters think that Olga would be better off as an economist or something like that. Fortunately, Olga hasn't cared what others think and is happy doing what she really loves. 


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