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Anssi Ennevaara - Life of a serial entrepreneur


Youemploy yourself with your own skills, and so can others .

A long and varied work history has brought a wide range of knowledge and skills to Truster's light entrepreneur Anssi Ennevaara. Anssi has been an entrepreneur for 35 years and has been a light entrepreneur for five of those years. Anssi became interested in light entrepreneurship after hearing the experiences of his own customer. He chose Truster as his billing service because of its price, simplicity and ease of use. 

Anssi is an expert in security and corporate governance. As a light entrepreneur, Anssi trains both companies and individuals. Anssi loves an active lifestyle and his entrepreneurial spirit has led to several companies around Finland. In his free time, he spends time with his family. An active life needs a motivating circle of support and that is what Anssi's family, close friends and family are. 

"I recently trained a group of more than 22 people of different nationalities, and the training was so successful that almost everyone passed and met the objectives. It was a great moment for me and for them."

Anssi has had some memorable moments as an instructor. One of the most memorable has been employing refugees and immigrants. The training courses have taught people a profession that has enabled them to find employment, earn a living, and secure a future. 

It's definitely moments like these, when you succeed and see the results of your work, that give you more motivation. As a light entrepreneur, Anssi gets to enjoy them often, because he gets to do things according to his own mind and vision. As the cherry on the cake, being a light entrepreneur allows you to focus on what you can do.

What would Anssi like to say to other light entrepreneurs or those interested in starting one?

"Feel free to come along. Choose your path and do what you know you're good at!"

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