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Julia Vähäkoski - Finland's most meaningful work as a light entrepreneur


This is Julia from Helsinki, who is a perfect example of how light entrepreneurship can be just the thing to bring freedom and meaning to life!

Julia is studying Business Studies and is immersed in Marketing and Psychology. Her work history started at the age of 14 in traditional telephone sales and later continued as a salesperson in clothing stores. Later came the moment when Julia wanted something new, something where she could make a difference. 

A friend of Julia's tipped her off about a company called Gubbe, which could bring relevance to Julia. Gubbe is an elderly care service that provides regular care services to elderly people all over Finland. Julia jumped on board Gubbe as a summer intern. Now she has continued to work in the office side in customer management and marketing. Best of all, she is also a Gubbe assistant. Romeo the dog almost always accompanies her on visits. Dogs are popular with godparents and bring a lot of joy and childhood memories to clients. Even the outings are much more meaningful when you have a dog with you! 

When Julia started her Gubbe journey, light entrepreneurship came into the picture at the same time. In the beginning there was a certain image of light entrepreneurship and it sounded really scary. On the positive side, it wasn't a scary bogeyman, on the contrary, it's a versatile and flexible way of working.

"Being a light entrepreneur allows you to hold the reins in your own hands and enjoy a sense of freedom, while always having the support of Truster at your fingertips. Indeed, this is entrepreneurship without the high threshold!"

Although Julia is not close to any entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has never been on her mind before, light entrepreneurship and Gubbe have opened up new possibilities for her in terms of entrepreneurship. In particular, the entrepreneurship of two strong women in Gubbe has inspired her to consider becoming an entrepreneur. Light entrepreneurship has shown that her personality is well suited to the role of an entrepreneur, especially in terms of managing her own schedule. But most importantly for Julia, it's about doing work that feels meaningful, even if she may secretly dream of starting a dog hotel.

In Julia's everyday life, light entrepreneurship blends in so naturally that it is not even visible. There has been no stress and everything has gone smoothly. Sometimes Julia even forgets she's a light entrepreneur - and that's only positive. Alongside her studies, being a light entrepreneur has been the perfect solution. The work schedule is flexible and you don't have to worry about being squeezed into traditional 9-5 routines. Julia would like to stress that more should be said about entrepreneurship, as many people are not yet familiar with it or may have the wrong idea about it. Julia believes that light entrepreneurship is really worthwhile and that the opportunities it offers should not be ignored or missed.

If you're thinking about starting a light business, you can start it in the most meaningful job in Finland - as a Gubbe assistant! Gubbe Assistantships are open to anyone from anywhere in Finland. You don't need to worry about any background training - it's enough to put your heart into your work and be present. That's the thing, Julia sums up at the end of the interview. 

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