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What does business name entrepreneurship cost?

Business name entrepreneurship can be as carefree a form of self-employment as light entrepreneurship. With Truster's service package, business name entrepreneurship couldn't be easier.

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What does business name entrepreneurship cost in Finland?
Interested in establishing a business name?

Business name entrepreneurship
made easy

Fixed price

Truster PRO

89 € VAT. 0 % per month
Are you interested in business name entrepreneurship, or are you already working under a business name? Would you like to get rid of the bureaucracy of entrepreneurship altogether? This package is for you. Every 30 days, we charge your card a fixed monthly fee of 89 €, with which we take care of all the obligations of business name entrepreneurship on your behalf. What more could you wish for?
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Leave the obligations of the entrepreneur to us

What is a sole proprietorship
service includes?

Truster PRO

Accounting, taxation, billing, bye! With a monthly fee of 89 €, we take care of everything that is required for smooth and statutory business name entrepreneurship. The business name entrepreneur's service package includes a single entry and an annual tax return in accordance with the requirements. Breathe a sigh of relief and focus on what you really want to do.
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Service fee 89 €/month VAT. 0 %

Truster App feature
Single entry and bookkeeping
Truster App feature
Tax return
Truster App feature
Procurement deductions
Truster App feature
€30,000 VAT. lower limit relief
Truster App feature
No hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

However, I prefer to become a light entrepreneur?

This is how light entrepreneurship works

Are you in two minds? Would it be worth establishing a business name, or would I try light entrepreneurship first? We have a service package for every situation and preference. Our job is to make your life easier, whichever way you choose.

In Finland, you can have either a light entrepreneurship activity or a business name. Not both

What kind of work would you like to do? Make your dream come true and start working right away. You don't need to set up a business name for it. You can always do it later – or continue in good spirits as a light entrepreneur. Do the work you love and invoice your customer through Truster's invoicing service. Soon you will receive your salary in your account. Easy!

Agree on a job
Create an invoice from anywhere, anytime
We will pay the salary to your account
Work, live and relax
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