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Light entrepreneur in the beauty sector

Barber, hairdresser, beautician, lash technician, hair or beauty professional, Truster billing service makes it easy to bill your clients!

With Truster, you can work as a light entrepreneur, contractor or in a rental chair without worrying about the paperwork or bureaucracy of entrepreneurship. You have the flexibility to choose your own working hours and price your own skills. Our service also allows you to use a payment terminal, such as iZettle, to charge your customers. To order your payment terminal, simply send a message to our billing service. You can start using card payments immediately.

Features of Truster's light entrepreneur app

You will also be able to sell products to your customers in connection with your services. As a light entrepreneur, you don't have to worry about running a business - you can focus on your own skills. See our price list and payroll calculator to see your salary. Start using the service today!

Light entrepreneur chooses a service package in Truster's app

The most affordable billing service.

By billing

Truster Light

3.99% of billing
Do you only work as a light entrepreneur occasionally? Billing-based pricing suits you. You only pay a 3.99% service fee when you send an invoice through Truster.
Select Truster Light ->
Fixed price


49 € per month
Regular income as a light entrepreneur? This package is for you. We charge a fixed monthly fee of 49 € every 30 days directly from your payment card. What more can a light entrepreneur wish for?
Select Truster 49 € ->
How to start light entrepreneurship

Would you like to work and live easier? Here's how.

You can get started right away and start creating invoices as soon as you register. What are you waiting for?

Register icon


Register as a Truster user and download our mobile application to your phone.

Make work with an icon

Do the work

Get a customer, agree on a reward and do the work you enjoy. Light entrepreneurship at its best!

Create an invoice icon


Bill your customer anywhere, anytime, on the device of your choice. You can also charge your customer with a payment terminal.

Raise your salary icon

Raise salary

Once your customer has paid the invoice, you can increase your salary. With an instant pay request, you will receive a paycheck in your account immediately if you wish.

Enjoy premium icons

Enjoy the reward

Please note that working as a light entrepreneur is everything you were hoping for!

Enjoy premium icons

Get started today

Download the app ->
Light entrepreneur's calculators

Browse our calculators

How much do I have to invoice to get a certain amount in my account or how much of the invoiced amount will I get paid after tax? How was VAT calculated? Is Truster €49/month really the cheapest for me?

Service fee calculator for light entrepreneurs

Service fee

Calculate how much Truster 49 €/month is cheaper for you than Truster Light. You will receive an amount more than the amount shown in the calculator in your account.

Calculate the amount of the service fee >