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Salary calculator for light entrepreneurs

Salary calculator

The salary calculator tells you how much you need to invoice as a light entrepreneur in order to receive the desired amount in your account. Are you pricing correctly? You can access the counter here!

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What does the salary calculator tell you?

The payroll calculator gives you a preliminary idea of how much you need to charge for the work you do in order to receive a certain amount of money in your account. With the calculator, you can price your work smartly so that your salary is enough for living and other comfortable things, but you still don't price yourself out of the competition in your industry.

What factors affect my salary?

Mostly you influence your salary yourself! As a light entrepreneur, you can define your own salary and workload. So your own contribution is the most important thing that affects your salary. Of course, the amount in your account is also affected by a few other factors, such as your tax rate and whether you are liable to YEL. If you want to receive the salary immediately to the account, take into account the price of the service and be sure to increase the total amount of your invoice by that amount.

How to use the salary calculator

Drag the salary calculator bar and specify the amount you need for your account. Next, determine your tax rate. If you are liable for YEL, check the YEL box as well. In this case, the calculator will be able to deduct the YEL insurance contributions from the total amount left in your hand. The calculator calculates how much you need to invoice. Easy!

Bill as much as you want

Please note that the salary calculator counts Truster Light plan, i.e. deduct a 3.99% service fee from the amount you invoiced. In our most popular plan, the fixed-price Trusterpackage, on the other hand, does not have a service fee at all. With a fixed monthly fee, you can make as many invoices as you want. Even if the deal is hot and the billing explodes, you will always pay the same fixed price for using Truster. At the same time, you get all the services you need as a light entrepreneur.


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