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YEL calculator

With the YEL calculator, you can check what kind of YEL insurance contributions you would pay and how much daily allowance you would receive in different situations. Earned income should be carefully assessed, because YEL insurance takes care of the social security of light entrepreneurs.

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YEL income can range from € 9 010,28 to € 204 625,00.


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The pension estimate is the amount of the earnings-related pension estimated at the current year's level. The estimate is based on current legislation and takes into account the effect of the life expectancy coefficient and your earnings-related pension accrued so far, if you have filled in the data.
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YEL insurance for light entrepreneurs

The statutory self-employed pension insurance scheme familiar to entrepreneurs is becoming more and more common for light entrepreneurs. If you earn at least €9 010.28 a year as a light entrepreneur, you must take out YEL insurance. Take out YEL insurance directly on Truster's billing service and manage your insurance in one place. As a light entrepreneur starting out, you get a 22% discount on your first four years of YEL contributions. Try the YEL calculator and see the amounts!

How do I benefit from YEL insurance?

YEL insurance provides light entrepreneurs with social security for different situations in their lives. YEL insurance protects your back if you fall ill, injure yourself, become unemployed or go on parental leave. If, for one reason or another, you cannot do the work, you will receive YEL daily allowance from the pension company. YEL insurance also accrues earnings-related pension. Although the idea of retiring may seem distant, it is worth accumulating your pension evenly for each year of work already now.

What does the YEL calculator tell us?

With the YEL calculator, you can easily view what kind of insurance premiums you would pay and how much daily allowance you would receive. Try the calculator for different income from work and see how the changes would affect the sickness and accident allowance you receive, unemployment security, parental allowance and later your earnings-related pension. Your daily allowance and future earnings-related pension are determined according to the type of YEL income you have estimated for yourself.

This is how the counter works

Enter your date of birth in the YEL calculator, and check the box if you have had YEL insurance for less than four years – or not yet at all. If you have already accrued earnings-related pension, enter the amount in its own field.

Drag the bar on the counter and specify your YEL income. We recommend that you estimate your earned income so that it corresponds as well as possible to your annual gross income as a light entrepreneur. If you wish, you can also specify the first month of payment and installments. The calculator calculates what your YEL contributions would be like, as well as the amounts of daily allowances and future earnings-related pension.

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