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VAT Calculator calculates the tax-free and taxable price as well as the amount of VAT

VAT Calculator

The VAT calculator helps when you're fiddling with and out of VAT-exempt prices. The VAT calculator calculates the tax-free and taxable price, as well as the amount of VAT.

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760 €
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1240 €

Do I pay VAT as a light entrepreneur?

You do not pay VAT yourself as a light entrepreneur, but depending on the industry, you must invoice VAT. A light entrepreneur does not have the same VAT invoicing threshold of EUR 15,000 as a sole proprietorship, because you invoice Truster under your business ID. Therefore, it is worth pricing the work with an idea. Use the VAT calculator to help! Truster Remits the VAT to the Tax Administration, so you don't have to worry about paying VAT.

Add VAT on top of the price

We recommend agreeing with your customer on pricing as entrepreneurs generally do. The selling price is therefore not intended to include VAT as such. If you don't want to give the IRS the lion's share of your income, add VAT only on top of the sale price.

What does the VAT calculator tell you?

The VAT calculator calculates the amount of sales tax for the amount you want. The calculator also calculates both the tax-free and tax-inclusive prices. It's a good idea to look at these amounts carefully when pricing your services and calculating how much you're left in your hand to spend on living.

How to use the calculator

Using the VAT calculator is easy. Choose whether the amount includes sales tax or whether the amount is exclusive of VAT. Enter the amount in the counter. When you press enter or click away from the field where you enter the amount, the counter will calculate the correct prices for you.

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