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Asako Hashimoto - Balanced and harmonious yard design


Japan is home to several city buildings, such as a school, a hospital, and a city hall, which are: Truster by light entrepreneur Asako Hashimoto. He has also been involved in the design of the 2013 housing fair area and his work "Mihana-en" was awarded as the environmental structure of the year 2014. 

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Asako is a civil engineer who moved to Finland in 2010. Before that, she designed buildings, but later became more interested in the environment and courtyards. Following her interest, she decided to change her field to garden design and start her entrepreneurial path in Japan. He now works as a light entrepreneur for Truster and wants to encourage others to try light entrepreneurship.

"If you have an idea that you want to pursue, then light entrepreneurship can be a good option. Be brave and give it a try."

Light entrepreneurship is a great way to try out your own business idea. With his own example, Asako became interested in yard design, which is why he started doing this for a living. As a light entrepreneur at Truster, experimentation is also easy and it broadens your horizons on your own working life.

Asako does yard design projects as a part-time employee and found this to work perfectly as a light entrepreneur. Light entrepreneurship has made it possible to do side jobs in addition to the main job. Asako has been a light entrepreneur since 2016 and has been particularly pleased with it, as it suits his life situation well. As a light entrepreneur, the work takes place on a weekday evening or a weekend.

As a garden designer, Asako creates balanced and harmonious gardens. If the client wants a Japanese garden, Asako can create an authentic one, taking into account Finnish conditions. She has been involved in many projects to create a stunning environment. Asako's work stands out and her roots in Japan have brought unique ideas to projects. 

"The Japanese atmosphere is created with the help of stones and water."

Asako's heart is warmed by the good customer encounters and the feedback she receives from them. He has found it interesting to listen to customers' ideas and design yards based on them. He draws inspiration for his garden design from Finland's beautiful nature and Scandinavian lifestyle. Finland is full of inspiration.

Among other things, he conjures up a Japanese atmosphere with stones and water. The courtyard Asako designed for the 2022 Housing Fair shows how well Finnishness and Japaneseness go together. In this project, he emphasised that water does not have to be water, but in this stone garden, the gravel represented flowing water. In this work, only the imagination is the limit.

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